Remember when Tkay Maidza slipped and told us she’d done a track with Motez? Well we’ve finally got a hold of that track… and about 17 others she’s been cooking up behind the scene as well.

The “Switch Tape” mixtape hit the internet today, ahead of her EP of the same name coming out on Friday. It’s a pretty definitive statement of who Tkay is as an artist right now and where she’s headed into the future. It ties together tracks we’ve already heard like U-Huh, Brontosaurus and the new Switch Lanes with previously unheard tracks like MOB, Forever and Always Been.

The collaborations are super exciting as well. Motez appears as a producer of Trouble, while new collaborations with Friend Within and Carmada pop up, and Tkay even jumps onto a track from SBTRKT’s latest album. And, her serial partners in crime – Elk and Swick – show up all over the damn thing, proving that she works really, really well with them.

The 35-minute mixtape is, in a word, amazing. Check it our below, and scroll down for the tracklist so you can find your highlights.



  • Tkay Maidza – Always Been (feat. Swick & BOT)
  • Tkay Maidza – Switch Lanes (feat. Paces)
  • Tkay Maidza – MOB (prod. Elk)
  • Tkay Maidza – Finish Them (prod. Bok Bok)
  • SBTRKT – Everybody Knows (Tkay Maidza Edit) 
  • Tkay Maidza – Brontosaurs feat. Bad Cop (Elk Drum Edit)
  • Swick and Lewis Cancut – Wishes (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  • Friend Within – The Monochrome (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  • Tkay Maidza – Forever (prod. Swick)
  • Tkay Maidza – Gangsta (prod. Elk)
  • Carmada (L D R U & Yahtzel) – Give It All (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  • Kilter – They Say (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  • Tkay Maidza – U-huh (prod. Elk)
  • Tkay Maidza – U-huh (Luke Million Remix)
  • Must Die! – Imprint (feat. Tkay Maidza)
  • Tkay Maidza -TM (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)
  • Tkay Maidza – Basskick Pump (prod. Swick) 
  • Tkay Maidza – Trouble (prod. Motez)
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