A girl comes up to you and says, “What you driving?”. You say…

Bugatti. Thanks to Tiga Sontag, this Italian sports car took on a new life last year as one of the slickest tracks of 2014. But what you might not realise is that Tiga has been at the forefront of experimental dance and electro house for the best part of 15 years. In that time, he’s worked with the likes of Moby, LCD Soundsystem, Mylo, Scissor Sisters and Soulwax on some amazing tracks, and has released two acclaimed studio albums. The Canadian star also hosts a show called “My Name is Tiga” on BBC Radio 6, and even tried his hand at acting in 2010 film Ivory Tower. Clearly a multi-talented man.

So, when Tiga hits Rocket Rooftop on March 12th, you can expect a pretty sweet playlist to back up Bugatti. Yep, you read that right – Tiga is coming to Adelaide on Thursday, March 12th as part of his Bugatti Down Under Tour! You might want to put that in your diary straight away, because this will be one of the hottest tickets in town during Mad March. There are no pre-sales for this one, so get down to Rocket early on the night to secure your spot. From the talk in the Fresh927 offices, you’ll be competing with plenty of our staff and DJ’s for tickets, so be prepared for some serious jostling!

Click HERE for more information about the Bugatti Down Under Tour at Rocket Rooftop and Bar. Until then, here is the wonderfully strange music video for Bugatti to get you ready for the night.

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