Today was Brekky host Thomo’s 24th birthday, and it was only fitting that the team here at Fresh do something nice for the little guy.

But instead of getting him the jumbo case of Lynx Africa he so adamantly requested, we decided to surprise him with something a little more ‘speckie’.

In the final innings of this morning’s show, Loz and producer Ryan cheekily allowed Thomo to believe he was about to jump on air and whinge about his girlfriend Charlee’s strange bathroom antics.

But for poor, sweet little naïve Thomo, another plan was in place. *cackles maniacally*

In a twist more twisty than an actual bag of Twisties, the very powerful and well connected people here at Fresh managed to get Tony Modra to ring in and surprise Thomo for his birthday.

Yes, the Tony Modra. Mods. Modders. Godra. Tony the flyin’ Modra. The man who Thomo’s worshipped from birth.

Forget a choc mud-cake from Coles, this is how we do office birthdays here at Fresh.

Listen below to hear the whole magical thing go down.

WARNING: This audio contains extreme levels of joy.

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