This morning was Loz and Thomo’s three month on-air anniversary. Yes, we know. It feels like much, much longer.

For the Brekky team, it’s been three months of ‘getting to know you’ openly and honestly on the air each morning. And it’s amazing how much you can learn about someone when you talk one on one for three hours a day.

You learn about their hopes and dreams, their fears and anxieties, their weaknesses and strengths. What makes them tick, what makes them angry, what makes them unique.

And if you’re smart, you’ll take all of that shit, exploit the f**k out of it and put it into a satirical rap. Preferably to an instrumental version of Cyprus Hill’s ‘Insane in the Membrane’.

And that’s exactly what clever unit Thomo, aka M.C. KRAM did this morning when he dropped a few extremely well rhymed versus about Loz’s loose existence.

(Loz would like the record to show that the bit about ‘pissing in a sink’ is a fallacy.)

Now the rap would have been a surprise, but Loz has known about it for weeks. Seriously no one’s been able to keep a secret in the Fresh offices since the doors opened in ’98.
So she sneakily organised for the bloopers from the recording (of which there were many) to be played immediately afterwards.

Ahh yeah. Those are some tasty mistakes. I mean, let’s be real. The bloopers are always the best part of the movie anyway.

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