Coriander divides people. It just does, it’s like country music. You either bloody love it, or want to see it all gathered together and put into some sort of insinuator.

Earlier this week in a brainstorming session with their boss, the Brekky team were discussing the adverse effect the herb has on people. Thomo claimed to loathe the garnish, whilst Loz can’t get enough of the stuff.

But after further discussion, Thomo realised that he didn’t hate coriander. In fact, he’d never even tried it. He had confused it with parsley.

Yeah. A real boy genius we’re dealing with here.

So in a groundbreaking on air experiment, Thomo decided to taste the controversial herb for the first time and what followed was borderline too gross to broadcast on radio.

After the sampling, the brekky team put it to the people of Adelaide to decide once and for all. Is coriander the evil garnish many claim it to be? Or is it actually really delicious especially on Pad Thai with a squeeze of lemon. Mmmm.

Listen below to hear Adelaide deliberate.

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