Pissing your pants as a grown-up can be pretty embarrassing. Especially if you’re not wearing your trusty adult diaper (which I definitely do not wear… #huggies4lyf)


But seriously though, it doesn’t matter how old you are. After a few too many Coopers Sparkling’s no one’s above ‘letting go of the hose’. And honey, it turns out it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Case in point Twitter user @KallieLeigh, who yes, drizzled herself silly after a few too many brews, but no wasn’t going to let it bring her down.


Not even if her dick-bag of an ex boyfriend tried to use her indiscretion to blackmail her.

And while the internet is mostly a cruel place, a quagmire of savage trolls, every now and then it turns its arthritically deformed keyboard hands to kindness.

How’s the bloody support.

I still think it’s a rookie move to try and blackmail someone with a pee-pants story. If you wanted to embarrass me you’d be much better off just sharing a screen shot of my browser history.