Everyone say hello to Yogi, a 1-year-old Shi-poo dog who’s currently sending shock-waves through the internet because he has the FACE OF A HUMAN MAN.

Srsly look into his eyes. He looks like a f**king mortgage broker named Jeff.


The sweet lil’ pupper who, other than having the face of a stay-at-home dad, lives a pretty regular doggo life with his owner Chantel and Shih Tzu sister Darla over in the US.

According to Chantal, she’d ‘never really noticed’ that Yogi looked like a geography teacher named Steve, and it was only brought to her attention after she posted a photo to Facebook.

After her FB friends lost their collective minds, the image of Yogi found its way to Reddit, where an entire thread now exists dedicated to deciphering the complexities of his baffling man-face.

Image source: Chantal Desjardins

And what a beautifully disturbing man-face it is.

(All images credit Chantal Desjardins)