We’ve never tried to hide it really. We’re huge fans of The XX and their own unique take on synth laden dance/rock. Everything they do seems to turn to gold, from their albums, to their live performances, even their individual side projects (we’re looking at you Jamie XX) it’s all very, very good.

Their music lends itself to reinterpretation beautifully as well. Those heavy, emotion filled vocals just seem to weave so well into all sorts of differing styles so a remix always sparks our interest. The one that has us excited right now is Nairo’s take on Crystalised the haunting vocals have been melded with a hypnotic Deep House groove to give us a re-work that is equally at home in your headphones as it would warming up a DJ set for discerning listeners. We reckon it’s a cracker, oh and it’s free. Sign up and grab your copy here.

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