Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past week or so, you would have heard Johnny and Davo playing they’re newest game, Secret Fanta.
Basically, they put together 5 audio clips from famous red heads we all know and love and all you, the people of Adelaide had to do, was guess who they were (in order) to win yourself a two night stay at the award winning Hotel Indigo.

So, every morning the guys let one caller have a crack at who they thought the mystery celebs were and let me tell you, it’s been quite the journey.
At one point you were close, SO CLOSE, to guessing all five. But then it took a turn and you started getting further away and we wondered whether anyone would win the coveted prize.

Enter Claudia.
Day 7 of the competition and the team had high hopes. And rightly so. Claudia nailed it, correctly guessing all five of Johnny and Davo’s Secret Fanta celebrities and winning herself a bloody good prize all thanks to Hotel Indigo, Adelaide’s newest award winning boutique hotel.

Check them out here!

Take a listen below to hear how it all went down. How many did you guess correctly?

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