Well, well, well. It looks like the rest of the nation has finally caught up with us.

Glorious fast food giant, Pizza Hut, have announced that their nostalgic dine-in restaurants will soon be making a nationwide comeback, with over 100 restaurants to be opening across Aus within the year.

Meanwhile, South Australians are like “Lol ummm what are you saying you don’t already have dine-in Pizza Huts? How embarrassing.”

The company’s grand plan comes years after Pizza Hut lost its monopoly over the Australian market ago, thanks to delivery focused competitors like Dominos.

But according to Pizza Hut strategists, they’re hoping for a doozy comeback.

I think people love, you know, that old dining look and feel,” Pizza Hut spokesperson Matt Sawyer said.

“People want to remember Pizza Hut for what it was, but we also want to reintroduce some contemporary feel.”

Finally. Under 11’s netballers nationwide will have the perfect venue for their post grand final celebrations.

Adelaide’s All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Hut restaurant has been kicking down at Marion since the dawn of time, with no plans to go anywhere.

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