Couples in handcuffs, a pile of petals and romantic selfies, this can only be one thing…
…it’s ‘Say I Do’ with Fresh 92.7, our 15k wedding giveaway thanks to Festival Functions of course! (get your mind out the gutter).

To determine our winner, we’ll be creating a scavenger hunt around the city.

FOUR pits stops. THREE couples. TWO individuals soon to become ONE married couple.

They’ll go head to head in a series of challenges testing their hand-eye coordination, piecing together a tricky riddle and sifting through a pile of petals to find a ring that’ll lead them to the ‘aisle’ where they’ll say ‘I Do’ to winning their dream wedding.

Who’ll come out on top and claim their 15k wedding thanks to Festival Functions?
Stay up to date with our socials and find out!

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