It looks as though Sony has got everyone covered for Christmas wishlists in 2020 with the announcement of their next-generation console! Back in April, they announced a next-gen console will be hitting the shelves very soon, but we now get to see that it will be called and released, which is…

One of the announcements for the new console is to deepen the feeling of full immersion for playing games. To create this feeling, the controllers will have haptic feedback to replace the “rumble technology” that has been in controllers since the original Playstation. So theoretically, if you crash into a wall or drive a race car, you would actually get to feel different reactions. The controller is also supposed to emulate a variety of textures, like running through fields of grass or sloshing through the mud.

Another aspect that will be changed for the new controllers is “adaptive triggers“. A feeling of resistance will be developed in the controller into the trigger buttons (L2 & R2). For example, the feeling of drawing back a bow and arrow or accelerating through rocky terrain will be recreated and again, feel different from one another.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan and system architect Mark Cerny also gave some brief details about the console’s hardware. Mr. Cerny confirmed that the console itself would contain ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware to help with “complex lighting and sound effects in 3D environments”. Sony also confirmed that the new solid-state drive (SSD) would drastically improve load speed and efficiency, while games will also take up less space.

There’s still plenty more to come off the back of the PS5 announcement, so make sure to keep a lookout for official first looks and what games will be released for the console in (hopefully) the nearby future.

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