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Ya’ll might want to start drafting your resignation letters, because this is not a drill.

The big chiefs behind Cadbury Dairy Milk, Mondelez International, are looking to hire four new professional chocolate tasters.

That’s right folks. They want to pay four of you suckers to do what you already do anyway. Sit around eating chocolate all day.

The job, which pays a slightly stringent $16 bucks an hour, requires potential candidates to show a “passion for confectionery and taste buds for detection” and an “eagerness to try new and inventive products.”

If ‘passion for confectionery’ means putting away a family block of Rum & Raisin in one sitting, then we may know a gal for the job.

Applications for this absolute dream job close Feb 16th so bloody hurry up and apply here, or live forever in regret.

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