Our favourite Adelaide tune // 30.10.2017
Strict Face – Cobra Charm (ft. Sophiegrophy)

On The Jump this week, we’ve got a very familiar face. After having his lead single, Afterparty, featured back in September, our own local host of The Bassbin, Strict Face, has now released his latest EP, This Heat, and is back with the follow-up single of all follow-up singles, Cobra Charm.

The grime track is just one colour out of the talent-palette he’s used to craft his genre-defying EP, and we’re all for the new direction he’s taken his work. “With this one, I was just trying to go with something crazy I hadn’t done in ages,” Strict Face says, citing the Sahara Desert and sandstorms as inspiration. He definitely succeeded, and Cobra Charm is a strikingly fitting name.

Listen to the full chat with host Caroline Tucker, and the song below! You can get your dirty mitts on it here.

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