Our favourite Adelaide tune // 02.10.2017
PNK FME – LYDK (ft. CARZi and Animal Shadows)

There’s seriously no stopping our The Jump host Caroline Tucker at the moment, so much so, she’s landed herself another “featured tune of the week” accolade this week. This time, it’s her latest collab with PNK FME.

The new tune (read acronym as: “Like You Didn’t Know”) is the premiere track straight off of his latest EP, Tilted Vision released on September 29, and features Caroline, aka CARZi, together with Animal Shadows on vocals. That’s right, this track is the collaborative masterpiece of three Adelaide locals.

PNK FME had created some chords, some bass, and “It just sounded good, you know, coming out of speakers” he says, but he needed a vocalist. He ended up hearing another one of CARZi’s songs and sent it straight through. Her reaction? “Oh my god this is so different!”

She did her thing on the lyrics, Animal Shadows was the icing on the cake, and the tune was born. It’s a haunting, experimental number about not being able to help feeling afraid to fall for someone – “It terrifies everyone,” CARZi explains. Listen to the full interview and song for yourself below!

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