Our favourite Adelaide tune // 27.11.2017
Fresh til Death – Pressure (feat. Drew Ryn)

First there was Make Up Your Mind, then there was Lose Our Minds, and now club pioneer Fresh til Death is back with yet another massive release: Pressure featuring Drew Ryn.

The Adelaide local, aka Matthew Burgess, boasts home grounds of HQ, and Red Square, and has events like Future Music Festival and Stereosonic (RIP) under his belt, but this new track is just as great an addition to his accolades. It’s released by Bourne Recordings, the label directed by none other than Will Sparks (yes, the Ah Yeah So What Will Sparks). “My management team showed Will… and he actually rang me and said that it was a great tune and it gave him goosebumps,” says Matthew. What could that possibly sound like? “I’m a sucker for melodic, big chords,” Matthew explains, “Most of my songs have piano breaks in them, so that was the one consistent thing I wanted to keep in it.”

As for the vocals, featuring artist Drew Ryn hails all the way from Nashville, and was a “Top-6” finalist from the 2011 debut season of The X-Factor over there. “Everyone that’s heard the track so far has just commented straight away on the vocals,” Matthew adds.

Well, this all just sounds like the perfect club-anthem recipe, doesn’t it? Decide for yourself and listen to the full song and chat with host, Caroline Tucker, below!

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