Our Adelaide favourite tune // 16.05.2018

Flash 89 – Blueprint


Flash 89 has burst into the scene with guns blazin’ to follow up breakout track Generate with his new single, Blueprint. His latest club stomper features a driving bassline and boppy beat that keeps on buildin’ until it explodes with euphoria in true tech-house style. These tracks plus an additional two unreleased tunes will form his highly anticipated debut EP, release date unknown.

Caroline Tucker spoke to Flash 89, real name Paul Kranenburg, on The Jump and he said, “All these records are pretty different in their own way. This one’s a little different to Generate, it’s a bit more kinda boppy, something you’d play in an earlier set”.

Kranenburg explained, “I did a bit more sampling in this record. I don’t know if anyone could pick it from the vocal sample, or even in the track title name, but the hint’s there”. His debut EP has been described as ‘a long time coming’ and Flash is ‘pretty keen’ to get it out. Same Flash, same.

Listen to the track and his interview with Caroline down below, and get your ears around the track here.


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