Our Adelaide favourite tune // 07.06.2018

richysan – LUV SUX ft. Nyassa


This week on The Jump with Caroline Tucker, local rapper richysand and singer Nyassa pop into the studio to talk about their track together. LUV SUX is a sweet love ballad made even sweeter by the fact that richysand and Nyassa are dating IRL (cute, right?!).

The track comprises of smooth piano with a light trappy beat; think soft hi-hats and subdued kick drums. The production perfectly matches the contrasting duet between richysand’s verses and Nyassa’s soulful vocals. richysand said, “We met through mutual friends and music. We wanted to write a track together, and we sat down and found this instrumental from a producer in America”.

He continues, “It’s a track for people to relate to. It’s not necessarily about us with one person, it’s about relationships and the way things can go. I feel like a lot of people have been through the lyrics”. Listen to the interview in full below, and check out the track on Spotify.


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