Our favourite Adelaide tune // 09.10.2017
China Roses – Spiritual

This week on The Jump, we’ve got another marvellous collision of Adelaide talent, with the second original release from local rapper/vocalist China Roses. Especially close to home, Spiritual, was produced by our very own Fresh 92.7 production member, Alêtro, who you might remember from his previous releases Figurines and Gleaux (and the absolute banger that is the Adelaide Crows theme remix, might we add). The track was then mastered by yet another Adelaidian (or is it Adelite?), Alex Mader, and now it’s hit the airwaves.

So how did it all come together? “We actually met through Fresh,” says Alêtro. China Roses adds, “I’ve had friends that have volunteered here before, so I knew about it that way.” She reached out, Ryley hooked them up, and the unique electronic/hip-hop groove with enticingly clever lyrics was born. Just look what the power of community radio can do!

What’s more, it comes with a free download. Listen to the full chat with Caroline Tucker and the song below!

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