Some big changes will be coming for South Australia‘s border to Victoria, bringing an expected relief for the surrounding communities.

Premier Steven Marshall has announced today that the buffer zone on the border between Victoria and South Australia will expand from 40km to 70km.

From Thursday morning and onwards, border communities will regain more of their past allowances in travelling across the border for school, medicine, and other needs.

This legal direction will come into place, effective as of midnight tomorrow night, based on the evidence that the Transition Committee was presented about the surrounding border communities on either side of SA and Victoria.

“This has been a huge inconvenience, we’ve apologised for that inconvenience,” says Mr Marshall. “What we will continue to do is look at those arrangements and as we can further relief that restriction, we will do so, but we won’t do it until it’s safe to do so.”

The Premier has also announced that road travellers will be allowed to transit through Mildura without the requirement of 14 days of quarantine.

Road travellers entering South Australia from New South Wales or the ACT can transit through Mildura, as long as they do not stop along the way, with police checks being put in place.

Mr Marshall also mentioned that the Transition Committee is looking for the appropriate time for the state’s border to Victoria to move from a “hard border” to a 14-day mandatory quarantine before completely reopening the border.

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