Joshua Warrior is an Adelaide born comedian, taking this year’s Fringe by storm! With three sold out nights, the Boomerang Show really did keep the laughs coming back again and again. Warrior is exactly that, a strong hearted man who can find the positive in anything. A true fighter who has struggled with being almost fully blind since he was 21 years old.

The night started with a few technical hiccups that were laughed off in fine form. The man can really make a joke out of anything. Pulling everyone back in, as soon as everything was turned on again. Warriors storytelling was extremely relatable for any Australian in the crowd. He describes his experiences with passion and a relaxed down to earth tone. 

I was not expecting to learn new and interesting facts from this comedy show, but that’s exactly what happened. Warrior opens up about the honesty of children and the many intriguing questions they always seem to be asking. Sometimes dumbfounding him for an answer. He shared the complex and new ideas with the crowd, which actually taught me a thing or two. 

I also was shocked by the amount of original dance and singing that was involved in the show. A very impressive rendition of his own chicken dance, that should be introduced into across the country! Loads of fun and informative information about aboriginal culture was shared throughout. Nostalgic flashbacks and family connections had Warrior on a roll. It was a great show from start to finish. An incredibly humble, honest, talented and funny human being. 

Unfortunately last night was his last show, so you’ll have to remember his name for next year! I give this show a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


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