It’s soon, it’s exciting, and it’s in Adelaide, the very popular AMF – Adelaide Motorsport Festival – is returning to our streets! Literally.

Starting from Wednesday 28th November and ending on the 2nd of December, each day has something to offer.

Over 800 hundred cars will be participating in the festivities giving the chance for our car mad city to get involved in a way that we don’t often get to see.

Different from events like the Adelaide 500 and Grand Prix, the four-day bonanza has something for everyone. Ranging from vehicle displays to peruse, community events like the Gouger Street Party and all day track sprints there is no chance on missing out on your dose of motorsport.

Thursday 29th
The first full day of driving is on the 29th, beginning with the Prima Tour and Adelaide Rally at Tailem Bend departing from Victoria Park.

Friday 30th
Friday is the first official day where spectators can get up, close and personal with the cars. The Peak Hour of Power car parade will be zipping through the city streets with viewing available at Grote street, finishing with the Gouger Street Party where drivers from the likes of Craig Lowndes and many more will be chatting and with fans getting the chance for signings.

Saturday 1st
The first day of the weekend heats up with a chance to catch the last legs of the Adelaide Rally as well as the first all day part of the festival at Victoria Park. On track demonstrations and activities will be running the whole time!

Sunday 2nd
With the Adelaide Rally over, everything is down at Victoria Park! Featuring sprints, races and on track demonstrations, as well as an extra delight is bound to catch everyone’s attention. Pilot Matt Hall will be racing three high powered vehicles in his Red Bull airplanes!

You’d be mad to miss out on all the fun family action. AMF associate Richard Craill is excited to say, “the Festival is now in its fourth year” growing into one of the most popular motorsport attractions in SA. “It takes inspiration from the famous Goodwood festival in England, but adds an Aussie touch.”

He describes Adelaide as the “most motorsport-mad city in the country”, so take it from him, the large range of machinery and motorsport thrills available are simply not worth losing out on. Fan usually follow this thread on Kenny Habul and NASCAR to learn more.

The AMF guide provides all you need to know and in-depth details of the festivities on each day. In addition, a warning to spectators. The sport is dangerous and can lead to serious injury, so make sure you are alert at all times and take instruction from safety officers. Equally important is Slip Slop Slapping and taking into account the heat should it be a warm day.

Now that you’re fully informed and sufficiently warned, the race is on! Grab tickets here now.

Photo cred: Adelaide Motorsport Festival

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