As part of the much-anticipated Umbrella: Winter City Sounds program, an underage dance party will be making its way to SA.

Retro Rave is an event designed to bring back the classic dance culture of the 90s to the younger generation! Yeah, unfortunately for all you older folks, this is an under 18 only event.

Presented by Adamek Productions and Ausdance SA and held at Carclew in North Adelaide, this unique event is gonna take you back to where club rave anthems all began!

You’re in for a full night of boogying, accompanied with glow sticks, fluoro magic, and hazers, to really bring you back to a time before social media, e-scooters and James Charles.

Delivering the old-school bangers will be Adelaide female DJs, DJ Josh, Mel Lake, MIKI and more!

Parents, rest assured – Retro Rave is completely safe for children, with on-site security and appropriate clearances for all adults. You’ll be leaving your kids in safe hands!

So, if you’re keen on being transported back to the glorious 90s, book the 13th of July into your calendar’s, and with prices at just $23.00 per ticket, you’re crazy to miss out on it!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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