If you love your music with a deeper edge and a Techno vibe but also keeping some House edginess to it then do we have some news for you. One of the very best producers in the biz has just dropped a huge bundle of free downloads up on Soundcloud. Paul Woolford (aka Special Request) the producer, famed for the classic Erotic Discourse and DJ extraordinaire behind sublime mixes for Fabric and  Fact has decided to give away not 1, not 2 but 18 free downloads of previously unreleased materials. Keeping in mind that Paul is a top class producer then if we look at it from a dollar value you’re looking at about $60+ of free music, all top notch, all dancefloor destroyers and all unique in their production.

There’s no time limit on this at the moment but  with questions hanging over Soundcloud’s future it would seem prudent to get in there quick and get clicking.