Whether it’s you or your mate, our mental health is incredibly important to take care of.

If you’re in the music industry, you may be aware that musicians are a staggering five times more likely than the general population to suffer from depression, and ten times more likely to show symptoms of anxiety.

That’s why Apra Amcos and Support Act are hosting a nationwide and free workshop, beginning in Adelaide this Tuesday on the 12th of March.

The workshop series titled Mental Health Matters will help members in the music industry identify mental health issues and discover resources to support their wellbeing. On top of this, the crew will provide some tips on how to help others as well as yourself.

Support Act’s CEO Clive Miller says “at Mental Health Matters, AccessEAP’s trained clinicians will lead an open and insightful workshop framed around how the unique demands and stresses of sustaining a career in music can impact mental wellbeing” said

“Our aim for the series is to help build a stronger, healthier music community” he said.

The practical information session will be run by trained clinician Kate McPhee from AccessEAP, who has extensive experience in mental health and wellbeing training.

The event will also be hosted by St Paul’s Creative Centre, and your RSVP’s are required here.

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