The South Australian flag will soon be flying high over Hobart, thanks to a spicy little bet between South Aussie Premier Jay Weatherill, and Tassie Premier Will Hodgman.

According to Hodgman’s delectable wager, whoever lost the Strikers vs Hurricanes match in the Big Bash final would have to fly the opposition’s flag in their home state.

So it turns out we’re good at winning both cricket and also saucy bets.

Hodgman, who’s clearly done a night course in sass talk says that while he’s not in any hurry, a bet’s a bet.

“I know the South Australians and their government can sometimes be a little behind the times so if it takes a little while for that flag to get here I’ll be happy,”

If Weatherill isn’t licking his salty lips in delight right now, then I honestly don’t know what will make the man happy.

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