Stephen K Amos – The Story So Far reflects on Stephen K Amos‘ childhood growing up in London in a large family with Nigerian heritage and recent events in his life, the current state of politics across the world and the idea of what it means to be “politically correct”, as well as the Hollywood industry and the #metoo movement.

This was admittedly the first time I had proper exposure to Stephen K Amos and his comedy style and after seeing The Story So Far, there’s certainly no doubt to why his such an icon. Such an appealing aspect of Amos is his ability to create a very grounded approach to his comedy, bringing in very relatable stories and also doing the very brave act of discussing very controversial topics that some people may find uncomfortable. It was pretty interesting to see the tonal shifts and the aura change in the air, but as he puts it, anything can be funny in the right context and he managed to blend hard hitting jokes and also giving very progressive opinions on the world.

It wouldn’t be a proper Fringe show unless the people of Adelaide were verbally beaten and Amos was definitely no exception. Such targets ridiculed include specific members in the audience (Be prepared to be picked if you’re 20 or under), stories about locals reacting to Stephen’s comments about the hot weather, the Lime scooters, and a surprisingly detailed knowledge about redheads.

If there was ever a strong way to end the night, he shared very unfortunate news regarding his family, but manages to tie it all together with what it means to live life at it’s fullest and brought the ultimate and heartwarming audience participation: inviting us to donate to the Mary Potter Foundation.

Overall, Stephen K Amos – The Story So Far is a unapologetically hysterical show that shows a very charismatic comedian sharing his views on the current state of the world.

Rating: ★★★★1/2 (out of five)

Stephen K Amos – The Story So Far is playing at The Arts Theatre until Saturday March 16th.

Tickets are available here.