Back in 2019, we had the pleasure of covering the legendary UK comedian Stephen K AmosThe Story So Far at the beautiful Arts Theatre. Cut to his triumphant return to the Adelaide Fringe in 2022, Amos strongly begins his show with his loud – for lack of a better word – “disdain” for performing his new show, Before and Laughter, as he calls it “in a circus tent.”

“I used to be somebody! How the mighty have fallen!” Amos jokingly yells at The Roundhouse to a splendid response.

Amos has always brought a mix of an insightful, hilarious and at times, confronting outlook on life and the modern age, and what the 2020s has brought for us so far is no exception to be dissected. As being part of the first show of his season, and the first destination of his Australian tour until May, Amos treats us as guinea pigs for a list of new materials that he was itching to test on us.

For example, he describes some relatable stories of these past two years in the pandemic. From the struggles of shopping to spending time in lockdown with his 82-year-old father (in which Amos describes him in a word so strong that a couple and their child begin to leave as it’s NOT a PG show). He also provides a bit of a roasting session on SA as our forever-changing COVID restrictions are commented and some audience members get a bit of a kicking (be careful if you’re a student or if you decide to heckle!) But the main takeaway is how to live our best lives, especially during times like these.

Overall, Stephen K Amos: Before and Laughter is another hysterical and insightful outlook on life and what the 2020s have been so far. During a time when everyone needs a proper laugh, I would absolutely recommend seeing Before and Laughter (as safely as possible).

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★

Name of show: Stephen K Amos: Before and Laughter

Venue: The Roundhouse @ The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets: Full Price: $36.00 to $48.00 Concession: $40.00

Dates: Sat 26 Feb – Sun 27 Feb: 8pm Tues 1 March – Sun 6 March: 8pm Tues 8 March – Sun 13 March: 8pm Tues 15 March – Sun 20 March: 8pm

Tickets are available here.

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