Kay Willmore

About Kay Willmore


Kay was introduced to Fresh 92.7 in the early 2000’s listening to the late night Saturday mix. Now, she tunes into Bits and Pieces on Sundays.

10 years ago, volunteering for a not-for-profit catapulted Kay from a career in Accounting to Human Resources, and it’s why she loves giving back to businesses and helping them grow.

Kay is a self-declared People Geek, living and breathing human resources, and getting excited about what makes an organisation grow and how they can attract, retain and thrive through a strong people focus.

3 years ago when Kay was alerted to a need in the market to provide simple, clear HR advice to small businesses in Adelaide, she took the lead and started Urban HR. Today, a team of 3 deliver adhoc, ongoing and project HR support and solutions to a variety of SMEs in South Australia.

She is passionate about helping organisations develop and deliver their services from the grass roots up and has worked in the fields of youth leadership, hospitality, public and private health and banking and finance.

In her spare time Kay learns ballet, is always looking for her next travel destination and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.