James Engelman

About James Engelman

Life Membership 2015

My Fresh story starts back in the mid-nineties, when, watching the TV news one night I saw an item about a youth radio station in Melbourne called Hitz FM.

I subsequently went over and visited the station, was amazed by what I saw and about a year and half later I took two friends with me to Melbourne again to visit Hitz FM and show them first hand.  They were equally impressed and on the drive home one of them (Geoff Wintle) said “We’ve got to do that too!” So, in a nutshell how it all started and how I helped create Fresh 92.7.

From the very beginning I was very hands on, involved in many aspects of the station. This included presenting a number of on-air shifts over the years. In the early days I was responsible for making a large part of the station’s imaging, along with sponsorships messages and other aspects of Production.  At one point I held the role of Technical Manager. I was a Director on the Board from 1998 to 2000 and I have trained many Fresh 92.7 volunteers over the years.

I was the Content Director 2000-/2001, Music Director 2002-2004, and I began scheduling music logs consistently from 2011 onwards.  Over the past 17 years it’s been great to see so many young people come into the station, gain experience and then establish their own media careers within and beyond Fresh.

Overview of Service

  • Founding Member 1998 (one of the original 3 who started the station)
  • Presenter (various shifts 1998–2014)
  • Production (imaging/sponsorship - 1998–2001)
  • Board Director (1999-2001)
  • Content Director (2000-2001)
  • Music Director (2002-2004)
  • Technical work (various - 1998-2002)
  • Volunteer training (various - 1998–present)
  • Music Scheduler (2011–present)

Fresh 92.7 has been a labour of love for me from the start.  Even after all these years - I never tire of coming into the station and getting involved. I am proud of my involvement and I hope in some way my contribution has been useful.

The frustration of not being able to hear electronic music on the radio back in the 90’s, which gave birth to this idea we had for a radio station, has now exceeded all my expectations…and I can only hope it continues to grow and develop even more in the future, and continue to remain relevant to the youth of Adelaide.