Dorian Tisato

About Dorian Tisato

Board Member

Dorian has been a part of Fresh for the last five years while completing his double degree in Journalism and Writing & Creative Communication at UniSA. Having developed a real versatility, Dorian has volunteered in the news, street team, production and work-day announcing.

In 2016, Dorian worked closely with Ben & Liam (now on Triple J Breakfast) for 6 months as their producer. Their generosity and support helped shape Dorian into the member he is today: focused, determined and independent. At Fresh’s 18th birthday at HQ, Dorian assisted Ben & Liam with their online and video content, which was a highlight for the year.

Having won two Fresh Crony’s, the Big Star Award at Sean Craig Murphy’s Radio School and ‘Volunteer of the Year’ at the 2017 SACBA ‘Bilby’ awards, Dorian is an unstoppable and consistent member that calls Fresh his 'second home'.

Outside of Fresh, Dorian works as an MC, specialising in weddings, corporate functions and local events. Dorian’s love for public speaking and event activation stems from his adoration for socialising with members of the public and entertaining a crowd.

Dorian’s love for Fresh comes from his utmost appreciation for local electronic music, the Adelaide community and most importantly, the members. Dorian’s plan is to reach out to universities and further encourage potential members to be a part of the number one community radio station in Adelaide.

To get in contact with Dorian, email him at