Darren Pike

About Darren Pike

Executive Manager

Darren has been involved with Fresh 92.7 for the better part of 10 years, and most recently, the last 3 years as a Consulting Executive Manager. With his years involved in the Fresh community, as well as, his experience in the roles of Sales Director and Sales Consultant; Darren has mastered a standard of Station Leadership that is not easily comparable.

Darren is passionate about all things Fresh, from the format and music of the station to inspiring and mentoring new talent. He puts Fresh and Community Broadcasting first and takes opportunity where available to advocate for the medium.

Showcasing different facets of Electronic Dance Music through the promotion of specialty shows is a priority to Darren. He prides himself on providing opportunities for up and coming, underplayed music artists as well as personally ensuring that the Fresh Wavelength (New/Current Affairs) Program is delivered to its recognised high standard.

Off air, Darren supports the station with initiatives to get out and about through activations & outside Broadcasts, leading to heightened public participation. He also launched the Fresh Jobs initiative, in the peak of covid, which is an online portal designed to support South Australian’s to find employment.

This decade of dedication to Fresh is just the start for Darren, he looks forward to continuing his work towards growth for the station for many years to come.

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email:   darren.pike@fresh927.com.au