Chris Velliaris

About Chris Velliaris

Life Membership 2011

Chris Velliaris if one of the founders of Fresh 92.7, and current member of the Fresh FM Finance Committee and Fresh Foundation.

In 1997, after a five year stint at Coast FM, Chris together with James Engelman and Geoff Wintle, decided that Adelaide needed a 24-hour youth radio station entirely dedicated to the youth dance culture of Adelaide. With the right timing, loads of enthusiasm and passion, a strong vision, plenty of support, and a bit of luck, Fresh was created.

Being a Chartered Accountant, Chris was Treasurer and Board Member of the Association during its start up years, and now volunteers as Chair of the finance committee meetings within Fresh.

Chris was initially (and still is) instrumental in setting up a financial system in Fresh which has allowed the Association to purchase its own assets, rent premises and generate cash flow to operate today.

To this day, Chris has been proud to be a part of an organisation that develops friendships, careers, networks, fun, and a radio station entirely dedicated to the youth of Adelaide, playing all genres of dance music. He also had a great time being ‘on air’ for 10 years.

Chris runs his own Chartered Accounting business with a partner and 17 staff in Adelaide, of which he dedicates a large part of his career success thanks to the opportunities which Fresh FM has given him.