Overnight, millions of Facebook users were given a gift from the internet Gods. A gift so pure and true it might have just have made up for that awkward ‘data sharing’ business from earlier this year. (Zuckerberg we lookin at you dawg)

But because life is essentially nothing more than 78 years of diarrhea followed by a series of retirement cruises with your second wife Beverly, it was taken from us.

This fleeting gift? The option to ‘Plane React’ to posts on Facebook.


Yeah that’s right. Plane react. The option you absolutely don’t need, but want desperately because it’s now been ripped from your sweaty lil’ millennial hands.

The brand new addition appeared over night along side the six already existing react options, and omg people went absolutely boonta for it.

But after a couple hours of bliss it was revealed that the feature, which is only available to certain users of the platform’s Android smartphone app was just the result of a cocked up staff training exercise.

In a statement obtained by Fast Company, Facebook said “This was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff,” but somehow made it onto the app.

I guess it’s just a case of you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. RIP Plane React 2018.

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