Southpaw, the usual host of Carousel on Sundays at 8pm, returned this weekend to chat to her fill-in and preview her own debut EP, Blush, ahead of its release on Monday 8th May.

Troy J Been has been filling in for the Adelaide local who is currently travelling around Australia working on her solo projects. So, when she happened to be home working on a whole bunch of (even more) new, unreleased music, the day before her EP launch, it was perfect timing for her to drop back in.

After being 8 months in-the-making, Southpaw is super excited to finally get her new tunes out in the world. “It’s a little bit different… I’m singing on all my tracks as well,” she says. She’s been enjoying the writing process, getting to team her production skills with her own story.

“I get really excited and I just want to release one track,” she says, but she’s finally got five to release together. Listen out for her personal favourite, Real Love – the furthest she’s gone into playing keys, rather than sampling, and the most open she’s been with her lyrics.

Southpaw also takes a moment to reflect on her journey from bedroom beat-making to signing with an LA label, thanking none other than the internet! Platforms and hashtags, especially for your genre, mean you can go global. Anyone could be listening.

Listen below!


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