In an emergency to decrease the spread of the coronavirus, the borders of South Australia will be closed from this Tuesday.

Premier Stephen Marshall made the announcement on Sunday morning, with this decision being made “in the interest of public health“, declaring it to be a state of a “major emergency“.

With 100 confirmed cases in South Australia, the border closure will be taking place from Tuesday the 24th of March from 4 pm.

“…We’ve got to do everything we can to reduce the high-risk areas … predominantly from people coming across the borders for holidays, says Mr. Marshall. “What we have seen in recent days is an increasing number of people who have contracted the virus from people visiting from interstate or South Australians who have been interstate returning to South Australia.”

The State Government will be establishing 12 border crossings stationed by SAPOL, where entrants will be required to sign a declaration about their health. Anyone entering the state is required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Mr. Marshall has assured that people who live in border communities are still allowed to cross into South Australia, as long as there are no COVID-19 outbreaks in the surrounding towns.

The State Government has allowed for exemptions of “essential transport” into South Australia. The restrictions include health and medical supplies, health personnel and patients, food and commercial supply chains, and travel of a relative or caregiver of a dependant person.