Over in San Jose, Californa, the heads of Facebook are just finishing their 2019 convention, F8, where they are unveiling new announcements and updates regarding their main social network, as well as other socials like Instagram and WhatsApp.

One significant announcement that just dropped was a new redesign for both desktop and mobile for Facebook, referred to as FB5. This fancy new look has a brand new and integral Groups and Events feature that will allow users to connect with people based on similar interests and events they would potentially want to be a part of.

“The fastest ways we’re all communicating online are private messaging in small groups, and in Stories,” said Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg during the FB5 conference. “It has a much bigger focus on communities and making communities as central as friends.”

The update for the mobile app has already been released for both iOS and Android. The app features a new Groups tab in the middle of the menu bar, creating a personalised feed of all the groups you post on… or forgot you joined. The tab also recommends new groups to join based on your interests.

The new desktop look is said to be released very soon. In the meantime, have a closer look at what is the new look and hopefully, it’ll make the transition from old to new less of a headache.

Photo credit: Digital Trends