Slow Acid – New Music Vid from Calvin Harris!

Calvin Harris has just released the music video for his latest track Slow Acid, which will feature on his upcoming album Motion (due for release November 5th). We already know that the album will be packed with the usual Harris bangers, but this track shows us that Motion will include some serious variety with more experimental work from the all-conquering DJ.


Slow Acid is not what you’d expect from the Calvin Harris of recent years. The beat is slower, the vibe is funkier, and the atmosphere of the clip is darker. It also happens to be excellent. There’s a little bit of the early-2000’s in this sound, with a Daft Punk quality that sets your foot tapping all on its own. As for the accompanying clip, it’s a sort of sexy, futuristic Lock Stock scenario, ending with a girl emerging from a metallic silver bodysuit to lie on the street in her underwear. Naturally.


Check out the video and see what you think of Slow Acid. We really like it, and it has us even more excited about the November 5th release of Motion.


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