This year’s Stereosonic festival has sparked a debate over the identity of the talented and elusive ZHU. At the Brisbane leg of the festival, there was a huge bombshell dropped at the end of ZHU’s set.

As you will all know by now, ZHU’s full name and image is obscured in all of his music. Aside from the lone Australian interview where is voice is revealed, mostly everything about his identity is unknown.

His sets are played in front of a big screen, so during the end of his set at Stereosonic, the screen dropped to reveal American DJ Skrillex – much to the surprise of the audience.

Contrastingly, according to Your EDM, ZHU is in fact Steven Zhu as he is the name credited for his tracks on ASCAP.

So has the big mystery been solved? Or is Skrillex trolling us? At this point, it seems to be the latter. However, in the age of social media who knows how much longer ZHU can keep his identity a secret?


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