By Ben Palmer

The Adelaide 36ers 83 lost to the Sydney Kings 90 at the Adelaide Arena, in what was a game of two halves.

In the first half Adelaide restricted both Josh Childress (21 points, 8 rebounds) and Ben Madgen (14 points, 5 rebounds) to just 13 points and 6 rebounds between them.

The team looked frustrated as they neared the end of the half as the Sixers couldn’t make a wrong move.

It was in the second quarter where Adelaide hit their hardest, recording an NBL season high of 36 points in a quarter.

Jamaar Wilson (24 points, 7 rebounds) shone as he knocked back 17 points.

His best bit of play was off the touch line where he completed quick one-two off the back of a Sydney player before laying it in off the glass.

But this wasn’t enough as Childress’s influence started to become stronger as the game progressed.

Although the NBA import struggled in the first half, a 17 point second half surged the Kings towards victory.

And as his confidence lifted so did Sydney’s.

“We try to keep teams to margins… I give credit to the fella’s they got challenged at halftime and they responded, said Sydney Coach Damian Cotter.

“I think Adelaide did a good job of taking us out of our stuff in the second quarter.

“Think he (Childress) responded quite well at half time and lead his team, took responsibility, and made some big shots.”

The Sydney Kings unleashed a 55 point second half, but were also able to make the stops as they restricted Adelaide to just 34 points.

Adelaide Coach Joey Wright did all he could as he tried to switch the team up, evenly sharing minutes between the starting five and the bench to find a way through.

Brendan Tey’s had the strongest game off the bench with 16 points and two rebounds.

“We just needed more input, said Joey Wright.

“We were trying to get our bench to really play against their bench and I think we were able to do that in the first half.

In the last quarter Adelaide was restricted to just 4 points up until three and a half minutes to go as no one could make their shots stick.

And what was a five point lead at the final break was quickly flipped on its head after Childress found his way behind the Sixers defence, slamming the ball home.

This spurred on the Kings as Sydney finished with their highest scoring quarter of the game with 29 points, 11 of them going to Childress.

“He’s a smart player, he made some big plays, Said Wright.

“There’s one time where he dribbled, spin, and we had Teysy (Brendan Teys) there and somebody else and he jumped over everybody.

In the end the Adelaide couldn’t capitalise on their first half and now look towards their next game in Townsville against the Crocodiles in another double header weekend.

Adelaide 36ers: 83 (Wilson 24, Teys 16, Schenscher 12)

Sydney Kings: 90 (Childress 21, Perry 17, Madgen 14)


Crowd: 4,708

Photo by AllStar Photos

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