By Ben Palmer

The Adelaide 36ers comfortably defeated the Sydney Kings in a win that they had to win 97-78.

The 36ers, whose position in the game never looked threatened as they showed strength and determination around the court winning all aspects of the game.

Sydney were unable to match with Adelaide’s physical presence which showed inside the paint, conceding 60 points, and scoring just 26 of their own.

Their lack of presence was also addressed by Coach Robbie McKinley who thought the guys just weren’t there.

“We were disappointed the lack of toughness, I think they (Adelaide) won every ball in dispute.

“I don’t think we responded well to their pressure.

“Credit to Adelaide I thought they played tough, they won the fifty-fifties and they’re loaded, they’ve got good depth and they play hard and play together.”

Adelaide Coach Joey Wright then added, crediting his team on their performance to create that uncertainty in Sydney’s mind.

“I thought we were physical and I thought we were tough, went after boards and we got extra shots.

“And that was a really big focus is for us to continue to play hard and every game try to take it up a notch.”

In the first half it was Kevin White (20 points, 2 rebounds) who kept Sydney in the mix hitting his first six shots, all from outside the perimeter.

Ben Madgen (19 points, 5 rebounds) also kept pushing as he threw his body around court, almost sliding into the stadium seating.

But Adelaide continued to push as they looked the more determined side.

It was in the third quarter where The Sixers had the game wrapped up as they extended their lead to 24 points, scoring a total of 31 for the quarter to
Sydney’s 17.

Big man, Daniel Johnson (18 points, 3 blocks) was a hard man to mark as he returned into the form that he showed back last season.

And he, alongside other talls Luke Schenscher (4 points, 6 rebounds) who played his 200th NBL match, and the versatile Brock Motum (23 points, 7 rebounds),
Adelaide looked unstoppable with the three seven footers on the court.

Though to Sydney’s credit they did continue to push, outscoring Adelaide 16-11, but the run was too late.

Adelaide has now won 10 of the past 11 games, and have won seven straight games as they head into their clash against the New Zealand Breakers on Thursday.

“We played well over there, over the past couple of years, Said Joey Wright.

“They’re a great team, they’re doing some good things, (and) they are one of the teams who can match us with height and size so it will be a good ball game.

“I’m looking forward to it.”


Adelaide 36ers: 97 (Motum 23, Johnson 18, Wilson 15)
Sydney Kings: 78 (White 20, Madgen 19, Perry 12)

Attendance: 5,848

Photo By AllStar Photos

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