Looking for something to do this weekend? Or maybe you’re needing a little something to get you through to the Fringe? Whatever it is, have a squiz at the uber-anticipated electronic day party hosted by the newly founded events company sidebyside! While their company name may be new on Adelaide’s scene, their team hosts a hub of super experienced members that have worked with Fat Controller, RCC, OH YES, and most recently with the popular Spin Off Festival.

The completely accessible event will be hosted at Tampawardli Ellis Park this Saturday, and features acts all the way from the UK in Bontan and Doorly. The event will also dive right into the heavenly disco scene with Perth born Dr Packer, and move into the night with electronic dance music from POOLCLVB and the ultra-talented Linda Marigliano. You can expect local talent to be prevalent throughout the jam-packed day too, with Wallace & Malone as well as Fishermans Friend hosting a set.

Be at an unbeatable level of complete bliss with a Flat Iron toastie in one hand from their truck, and a Coopers beer in the other. Pair this with some a killer vibe that boasts inclusivity and a visually immersive experience, and it makes it an event not to miss.

Grab your ticket from EventBrite here

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