Davo, bless her cotton socks, is filled with random facts and this morning she brought another one to the table. It just so happens that on this particular day 14 years ago, a classic movie was released.

A movie that has stood the test of time and to be honest, if you haven’t seen it well then shame on you. You already know I’m talking about Shrek The Halls. One listener even said “Shrek The Halls is an underrated a masterpiece” and frankly, we agree.

It also just so happens to be Windback Wednesday. A day we here at Fresh have dedicated to celebrating our favourite things from way back when. It’s also nearly Christmas. I mean there were just too many things coinciding for this not to be spoken about on air. (Really Davo has just been looking for any excuse to talk about Shrek so here we are…)

Johnny and Davo thought they’d expand the topic to Shrek in general and asked the Fresh Fam to come to the table and reenact some of their favourite quotes.

Take a listen to here how they went (It’s worth it).

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