Weekdays 7-10am

Breakfast with Loz & Thomo– Bring your mornings to life with Breakfast.

Loz and Thomo is Fresh’s fresh way to wake up. Loz’s knack for wild and hilarious storytelling combined with Thomo’s genuine laddish likeability make these guys a fun and unique breakfast show. They’re smack bang in the pocket of exactly who we’re talking to each morning, and their fun and relatable stories connected with our audiences in week one.

Loz is an easy-going hills girl who spends her spare time socialising with a drink in hand! Thomo is a 26-year-old lovable larrikin.  He’s a footy lad who works as a bricklayer after he’s hung up the headphones for the day.

Catch up on all the banter you’ve missed with the Loz & Thomo podcast, below!