You might remember a recent article where we announced the death of CD’s. (If you missed it, you can check it out HERE). Basically, we were reporting on the Pioneer XDJ-1000 turntable, which was the first system to scrap CD compatibility and move to an all-digital model. There are plenty of good reasons for heading in this direction, but one drawback was the lack of software support for this completely new system. Thankfully, it seems like the software folks have embraced the move to digital, with Serato releasing an update to make their popular programs compatible with the Pioneer system.

The latest update (Serato DJ 1.7.3) will retain the same familiar interface, but will add the ability to interface with the XDJ-1000. This will be welcome news for any DJ’s who have shifted to the new CD-free format. No doubt other major DJ software companies will follow suit in the near future, and it’s definitely a reassuring trend for early adopters of the all-digital style. For more detailed info, check out Serato’s site HERE.

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