WOMADelaide is one of the biggest festivals in Adelaide, bringing together music across all genres and all parts of the world for a one-of-a-kind four day experience.

WOMADelaide features music from A.B. Original, L-FRESH The LION, Montaigne, Electric Fields, an amazing array of acts from all across the world, as well as the four amazing locals we’re presenting at the Fresh 92.7 Electrolounge! It’s also got a wildly impressive offering of arts, culture and food and drink – basically, going to WOMADelaide is something every Adelaidean should cross off of their list at some stage.

We’ve got a four-day, double pass to WOMADelaide, and you could get your hands on it. But to get access to the world’s festival, you’ll need to brush up on where in the world your favourite artists come from. Electronic music is huge in pretty much every part of the world, from Adelaide to Amsterdam, Bali to Belgium, and everything in between. So, this one could be harder than you think.

From Monday February 27, we’ll play a bit of a tune from a well-known artist every day in Drive with Ryley. You’ll have to text us straight away with where in the world that artist comes from and if you’re correct, you’re in the draw to win a 4-day double pass to WOMADelaide!