SA Nightclubs restrictions increased & only SA residents can enter from Victoria

Since South Australia has had a fairly consistent streak in easing restrictions, it seemed like everyone hit the town over the past weekend with nightclubs reopening with welcome arms.

However, in an announcement today, Commissioner Grant Stevens said that due to “concerning activities” that took place over the weekend, nightclubs will be restricted from trading until they have completed and have an approved COVID management plan.

There were over 120 venues visited during the weekend and several warnings were given out on how their operations were being managed, with patrons reportedly not adhering to the restrictions of staying seated and keeping social distancing rules.

“We understand, based on the health advice, this is a high-risk activity and as a result of the need to ensure the communities safety we will be preventing nightclubs from trading until they have their COVID management plan,” says Commissioner Stevens.

The Commissioner also announced that as of midnight on Wednesday the 8th of July, South Australian residents travelling from Victoria will be allowed to return to South Australia. People travelling from Victoria who meet the essential traveller criteria will be required to undertake quarantine activities, which includes self-isolation for 14 days, wearing PPE when interacting in the SA community, and keeping a record of where they travel.

Also as of midnight on Wednesday, all roads into South Australia from the South East will also have stronger monitoring by the SA Police. Static checkpoints will be placed on all roads, with certain roads being entirely closed.

There are currently 527 people in supervised quarantine in SA, with a maximum capacity of 1200 individuals who can quarantine at one time in SA. Four hotels will be able to accommodate for varying numbers, and will be dependent on if people are quarantining alone or in families.

Mr Stevens also announced that individuals from New South Wales and ACT can still travel into South Australia, but they will be required to undertake the 14-day quarantine period. SA Police will continue monitoring the potential movement of COVID-19 in those states as a result of the spikes in Victoria.

People who are not residing in South Australia who wishes to travel from Victoria will “not have that option available.”

The SA border restrictions for the NSW and ACT communities is still intending to ease on the 20th of July.