If you don’t have much planned for tonight or this weekend, then it might be easier to see people and go out as further easing of restrictions have been put in place!

Premier Steven Marshall announced that as of today, the upper limit of 20 people per room has increased to 75 people, as well as the upper limit of 80 people per venue increasing to 300 people. Social distancing and spacing of groups will still be implemented.

Other easing of restrictions announced includes:

  • Fitness classes have increased to 20 people per room with one person per seven square metres can be observed.
  • Change rooms have also reopened to sports and recreational venues.
  • Public assemblies have also increased to 300 people as it is defined as “public activities.”
  • People can leave and enter age care facilities and people aged under 16 can visit.

This decision was made based on South Australia continuing to have no cases of COVID-19.

It was also announced that from midnight tonight, Queensland will be joining the states that South Australia’s borders will be open to. This is continuing the jurisdictions of Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Tasmania being opened to enter South Australia earlier this week.

Similar to the other states, Queensland travellers or SA citizens returning from the state will not be required to take part in SA’s mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Steven Marshall stated that while the SA borders have opened to Queensland, South Australian citizens may not be able to enter their state as of yet, with their borders still aiming to open on June 10th.

The Premier also said that the state is also looking closely at when to open the borders of the final three jurisdictions; NSW, ACT and Victoria.

“We are looking at the practicalities,” says Mr Marshall. “Even though there are virtually no cases in the ACT for a very long period of time, people could come in from Sydney to the ACT and fly into Adelaide.

It’s a small risk, but it’s one we want to consider before we move on.”

Stage Three will remain to take place on Monday the 29th of June, with gaming rooms and food courts reopening, and the Transition Committee is “Seriously considering” changing the number of people allowed in small venues.

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