So Scouted, a mini music festival for SA’s best unsigned talent, made it’s maiden voyage into Adelaide on Friday night the 28th of August. It was the closing event for the AIR Awards, and accordingly there were lots of fancy people in fancy lanyards around, but not at loss of the genuine music fans.

Fresh 92.7 had our own stage at Producer’s Bar on Grenfell St, which was a venue perfectly crossed between intimacy and warehouse vibes. There were food trucks selling burgers and tacos, and a bar literally inside our venue that had drink specials. Great, right? And, our stage’s line up, all of whom you’ve heard on The Jump, made the night theirs to own.

Nakatomi started things off with an electrifying set, as lead singer Em literally felt the music with her high-energy dance party, and took some moments to chat to the crowd. Next followed Hunt to slow things down a little with her more soulful electronica tunes. She tried out what she said was her most different song on the crowd live for the first time, and treated us with all the best tunes from her latest EP, Nostalgia.

Finally, Electric Fields closed the night in style, telling a story with every song, whether that be of how they wrote it, or what it meant. They took time to teach the crowd some of their native indigenous language, and Zaachariaha did a whole song from the middle of the crowd – boy, can he move!

You can check out each of these killer artists below.

Together they really showed everyone just how far electronic music can take you in every direction, and I’d be keeping my eyes on all three of them for sure!

The verdict: Dicko from Australian Idol was there, Murray from The Wiggles was there, and it was an all-round good time. We’ve got the AIR awards in Adelaide for the next three years now, so fingers crossed it brings Scouted back with it next year too.

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