As you might already be aware, some of your favourite Fresh927 personalities are getting down to Channel 9 Studios to FRESHen up the Fringe with awesome DJ sets every weekend. Last Saturday, Mike Polaroid and Tome Pierre (the boys behind Release) were on the decks, entertaining the crowd with the FRESHest beats around. If you somehow missed it (shame on you!), there’s a photo gallery from the night to show you how it all went down.

See how happy everybody looks? Yep, that’s because they’re having an amazing time with some of the best DJ’s in the business. But don’t despair; you can still have a great night out being entertained by Fresh927 hosts on Saturday night. This time around, it’ll be DanFX from Synergy and Loops from the Bass Bin serving up their finest sets for your listening pleasure. Make sure you’re at Channel 9 studios from 7:30pm so you don’t miss out on the next installment of Fringe FRESHness.

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